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Batting Partnerships

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1159 Harry Everett - Peter Clay Orbost Cricket ClubB Grade10 1 West Bairnsdale
2165 Michael Comber - Matthew Busch Meerlieu Cricket Club A Grade5 1 Lindenow South Glenaladale
3138 Sam WATTS - Matthew Curnow West Bairnsdale Cricket Club B Grade15 1 Lucknow
4141 Paul West - Corey Fraser Lucknow Cricket Club B Grade4 1 West Bairnsdale
5151 Brodie Anderson - Jake Costigan West Bairnsdale Cricket Club A Grade5 1 Orbost
6132 Jake Le Maitre - Tom Stubbs Lakes Entrance Cricket ClubA Grade5 1 St Marys Nagle
7905 Sam East - Jay Ladson Lucknow Cricket Club B Grade11 1 St Marys Nagle
883 Darcy Murray - Ben Channing Wy Yung Cricket Club A Grade12 1 Orbost
995 Mikael Hulme - Lochie Donchi Orbost Cricket ClubA Grade7 1 St Marys Nagle
10139 Korban Campbell - Jayde Giacomelli Paynesville Cricket Club C Grade3 1 Orbost

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