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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubA GradeB GradeC GradeUnder 16Under 13A GradeB GradeC GradeUnder 16Under 13
Abraham, CharlieLucknow Cricket Club 0640006400
Abraham, HarveyLucknow Cricket Club 065150065150
Agius-Brittain, Joshua-DreMetung Swan Reach Cricket Club 0020000200
Aitken, RhysLucknow Cricket Club 0010900109
Allan, MattLakes Entrance Cricket Club0680006800
Allen, IsaacLakes Entrance Cricket Club001200001200
Allen, JimLakes Entrance Cricket Club2380023800
********Lakes Entrance Cricket Club107000107000
Allen, LukeLakes Entrance Cricket Club0350003500
Alleyn-Cowell, JettPaynesville Cricket Club 000120000120
Anderson, BrodieWest Bairnsdale Cricket Club 250000250000
Anderson, HughieMeerlieu Cricket Club 0010900109
Anderson, JakeWest Bairnsdale Cricket Club 21801402180140
Anderson, RhymeMeerlieu Cricket Club 0000500005
Aquilina, DallasMeerlieu Cricket Club 0000900009
Aquilina, HarryMeerlieu Cricket Club 00101200010120
Aquilina, NashMeerlieu Cricket Club 0000900009
Armstrong, JakeLindenow South Glenaladale Cricket Club 000130000130
Armstrong, JakeLindenow South Glenaladale Cricket Club 0300003000
Ashley , PatrickMeerlieu Cricket Club 000012000012
Ashley, ScottMeerlieu Cricket Club 170000170000
Ashlin, ZacWy Yung Cricket Club 0920009200
Aston, Joel BBruthen Cricket Club0010000100
Aston, NathanBruthen Cricket Club018000018000
Aston, NathanWy Yung Cricket Club 3000030000
Aston, TyeBruthen Cricket Club01261300126130
Bal, Ghardeep SinghPaynesville Cricket Club 000011000011
Bal, Jagdeep SinghPaynesville Cricket Club 0080000800
Barnett, StephanieLucknow Cricket Club 0010000100
Barrier, LukeSt Marys Nagle Cricket Club 001400001400
Barry, NormanLindenow Cricket Club0010000100
Bartlett, BlakeLindenow South Glenaladale Cricket Club 000110000110
Bartlett, ShawnaWy Yung Cricket Club 0110001100
Bastian, JordanWy Yung Cricket Club 5000050000
Bastian, Lilly RWy Yung Cricket Club 01161400116140
Bastian, SpencerLindenow Cricket Club00012120001212
Bates, NickOrbost Cricket Club016000016000
Baylis, MattLindenow South Glenaladale Cricket Club 210000210000
Baylis, OscarSt Marys Nagle Cricket Club 001112001112
Bence, JarrodLucknow Cricket Club 001200001200
Bennett, AndrewSt Marys Nagle Cricket Club 0010000100
Bertino, StevieWy Yung Cricket Club 170000170000
Bills, BobbyOrbost Cricket Club000212000212
Bills, GlenLakes Entrance Cricket Club0280002800
Bills, Jesse GLakes Entrance Cricket Club02111200211120
Bishop, LandonMeerlieu Cricket Club 000010000010
Blandford, Nicholas JMeerlieu Cricket Club 0020000200
Bramhall, HarryPaynesville Cricket Club 000010000010
Brasher, Thomas RWy Yung Cricket Club 101100101100
Braybon, MaxMeerlieu Cricket Club 000013000013