BCA One-Day Final

Match Conditions

·         Finals to be played by the teams in first and second place one the one-day ladder for A Grade.

·         The one-day ladder comprises results of all one-day games as per the official BCA draw and rules.

·         Any two-day games that end up being played as one-day games do not count.

·         Finals venues to be determined by BCA.

·         Coloured tops and white balls are to be used.

·         Finals are to be played as per normal one-day rules except that when a winning score has been made, the game shall end.

·         “Player of the Final” to be adjudged by the officiating umpires.

·         Trophy presentation to be made at the end of the match.


Player Qualifications

·         A player must have played at least three games (a forfeit by an opposing team will count as a game) for the BCA club he will represent, at the grade of the final (or a lower grade) in which he is to participate. For the purposes of this rule, both one-day and two-day games may be counted.


BCA Responsibilities

The BCA will be responsible for:

·         The selection and hire of the ground

·         The provision of two umpires for the Final

·         Supply of replica plaque for the winning team

·         Supply of “Player of the Final” trophy.


Club Responsibilities

·         Clubs are to provide one match ball for each Final they participate in.

·         Clubs are to provide afternoon tea at each Final they participate in.